We develop the Intellectual Property of industry leaders

Innovating the smartest companies since 2004

Over the years we have been the development engine of numerous start- and scale-ups. We built the applications for clients that became multi-million € enterprises. We love to make users happy and tackle complex challenges. Based in both Amsterdam and Maastricht, we are now ready to work on new success stories!


Enterprise software development

We create software on "enterprise level". This makes all the difference. Please see if these benefits are also important to your project:

  • Security, to comply with OWASP and GDPR
  • Performant architecture, including a-synchronous communication and micro-services
  • Testing! Blackbox and whitebox
  • Monitoring, to identify problems quickly


Innovation vs value creating, how to balance them?

In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies can thrive by staying innovative. However, innovation can be very costly if not approached with care. We believe that the key lies in really identifying the business value. Both cost savers as revenue building innovations can be reviewed this way. Thus way, businesses can compare the development costs against the potential benefit. We work with our clients to make these trade-offs with care.


#2 of The Netherlands, says the community

We like to give back to the "community"... and not in vain. Our biggest open source success, Laravel-Excel, has already been downloaded 12 million times. Thanks to our contributions to the open-source community, we get Git-awards "stars" from fellow-developers throughout the world. Because of this, we are ranked #2 of The Nederlands, which makes us very proud. 

View the Git-Awards list: http://git-awards.com/users?country=netherlands&language=php

Maatwebsite Github.com profile: https://github.com/maatwebsite


Talk to us!

Arne and Jeroen are happy to take your call. We can set up a phonecall or plan a personal appointment in any of our or your offices.